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3 December 2014

HWIC-8A Base Config

by deaves

Normally they are to expensive for what they do, but the other day I found a HWIC-8A from ebay at a good price. As a result, I now have remote Serial & JTAG access to a bunch of test equipment via my Cisco Router. The following is a quick sample config I tossed together on how to configure it.

If needed the following is the pin-out to the Cisco Octal Cable: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/dial-access/asynchronous-connections/14958-24.html

! Create a AAA authentication policy that will
! not make the user supply local credentials to
! connect to the Async TTY's. 

aaa new-model
aaa authentication login TERMSERV none

! Create an ACL to control who can connect.
! Warning: Anyone will be able to connect to the
! tty's when transport is configured.

ip access-list standard TERMSERV
 remark *** TERMSERV ACCESS ***

! Need to change the physical-layer to async
! Interface descriptions correspond to the
! CAB-HD8-ASYNC cable each port will represent.

interface Serial0/0/0
 physical-layer async
 description [0-3/0]
interface Serial0/0/1
 physical-layer async
 description [0-3/2]
interface Serial0/0/2
 physical-layer async
 description [0-3/4]
interface Serial0/0/3
 physical-layer async
 description [0-3/6]
interface Serial0/0/4
 physical-layer async
 description [4-7/0]
interface Serial0/0/5
 physical-layer async
 description [4-7/2]
interface Serial0/0/6
 physical-layer async
 description [4-7/4]
interface Serial0/0/7
 physical-layer async
 description [4-7/6]

! Set transport type and bind ACL/AAA to the Async lines.

line 0/0/0 0/0/7
 access-class TERMSERV in vrf-also
 login authentication TERMSERV
 transport input all
 transport output all
tags: cisco - config - HWIC-8A