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14 January 2016

Monitoring Cisco AP Dot11 Associations in Cacti

by deaves

This Cacti template should work with any autonomous Cisco AP. It will SNMP poll and display all active Cisco AP Dot11 Associations in Cacti. Note the AP I am testing with has an AIR-RM3000AC-A-K9 module, giving me an extra radio.

Cisco Dot11 - Active Wireless Clients

Template: cacti_graph_template_cisco_dot11_-_active_wireless_clients.zip

If you do not have a 802.11AC radio installed in your AP then after importing you may need to modify the Graph Template and remove all the Radio2 graph template items; not doing so may cause the graph not to display properly.

SNMP OIDs queried: [SOURCE]

This Cacti template will import/update the following items:


Data Input Method

Data Template

Graph Template

tags: ap - cacti - cisco - dot11 - graph - template - wireless