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5 January 2016

Traceroute script to detect route changes.

by deaves

The following script relies on MTR and is meant to be run in cron. It could be useful to log and/or detect route changes you the downstream provider path to multiple endpoint IP’s. Additionally the log-file is compressed using XZ tools so you do not have to worry about the logs growing to an unmanageable size very quickly.

## Crontab Example: @hourly /opt/mtreport.sh -p


# FUNCTION: End Script if error.
DIE() {
 echo "ERROR: Validate \"$_\" is installed and working on your system."
 exit 0

 /usr/sbin/mtr --report --report-cycles 1 --raw --no-dns $HOST |\
  awk 'NR%2==1 {printf  " "$NF;} NR%2==0 {printf "|"$NF/1000;}'

# Validate script requirements are meet.
type -p /usr/sbin/mtr > /dev/null || DIE

if [ "$1" == "-p" ]; then

 # Main Loop.
 for HOST in $HOSTS
  do echo "$(date +%s)$(MTRRUN)" | xz -9 -c >> "$LOGFILE"

elif [ ! -z "$1" ]; then

 xzgrep "$1" "$LOGFILE" | while read LINE
  do ARRAY=( $LINE )

   ## Show the Timestamp ##
   echo; date -d @${ARRAY[0]} +'%Y/%m/%d_%H:%M:%S'
   ARRAY=("${ARRAY[@]:1}") # Drop the timestamp array element

   ## Itirate through hops ##
   for HOP in "${ARRAY[@]}"
    do [ -z "$COUNT" ] && { COUNT=0; }
     echo "$COUNT|$HOP ms"
     let COUNT++ # Increment Hop Count
    done | column -ts\|


 echo "Poll --> $0: -p"
 echo "View --> $0: x.x.x.x"


tags: linux - mtr - route change - script