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1 January 2017

Custom 2x Orange Pi Zero Case

by deaves

The following is a 2x Orange Pi Zero case I designed in Inkscape and cut out in acrylic on my laser cutter… I have been incorporating a lot of single-board arm systems, like the Raspberry Pi, in my projects lately. Among one of my favorite boards to play with is the Orange Pi; due to its price, hardware design and power. I assisting some developers with one of their projects and wanted 2 headless systems. My solution was to get 2 Orange Pi Zero’s and set them up running armbian. Since a lot of people were handling the systems, I created a custom case to both protect and show off the systems.

Custom Orange Pi Zero Case

2xOPi-Zero Case – Right

2xOPi-Zero Case – Left

2xOPi-Zero Case – Back



tags: acrylic - arm - armbian - case - inkscape - lasercutter - orange pi